川内倫子 untitled 「うたたね」より 2001年

Photographs of children
The child within us

  • Period: September 24 (Sat) - December 4 (Sun)
  • Closed Day:Monday(if Monday is a national holiday or a substitute holiday, it is the next day)
  • Admission:Adults ¥500/College Students ¥400/High School and Junior High School Students, Over 65 ¥250

This year the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography will hold three exhibitions of works primarily from our collection, organized around "children" as our theme.

To photographers, children have been fascinating subjects ever since the invention of photography. Thus, by choosing "children" as our theme in exploring the works in our collection, we can examine how images of children have changed in ways that reflect changes in the course of history, what seems timeless in images of children, and how a photographer's distinctive eye and the social context are vividly expressed in the resulting work. These three perspectives inform all three of our exhibitions. Together they constitute what we call the emotional landscape of the child.

Emotional Landscapes, the third in this series of exhibitions, explores reflections of the world of children, their artless innocence and sudden changes of expression, bubbling with life, within the interior, emotional landscapes of adults. By tracing the many styles of photography, and their lineages, found in images of children, we attempt to decipher the direction and meaning of these profoundly evocative emotional landscapes, of the child within. 

左)ユージン・スミス 《楽園への歩み》 1946年
右)森山 大道 《少年》 1979年

左)川田 喜久治 「ロス・カプリチョス」より 1972年
右)オノデラユキ 《古着のポートレイト no.7》 1994年

左)植田正治 《風景の光景》 1970-80年代
右)エリオット・アーウィット 《コロラド》 1955 年

■ 主催:東京都 東京都写真美術館
■ 協賛:凸版印刷株式会社
■ 協力:講談社